Two killed as car plunges into Amsterdam waterway

A man and woman who drove into the water along the VOC-kade in Amsterdam on Saturday evening have died, police confirmed to NL Times. The case was still under investigation, and few details about the incident were released.

Both victims were 34 and were taken from the scene by ambulance in critical condition. They died at the hospital soon after, police said in a statement.

Records show the crash was first reported shortly after 10:50 p.m. in the Oostenburg neighborhood of Amsterdam Centrum. A large contingent of emergency services workers arrived at the quay. Four ambulances were dispatched to the location, along with a trauma team traveling by helicopter.

The victims were rescued from the water with the help of fire brigade divers, police confirm. Photos from the scene showed the red five-door car with Chevrolet hubcaps being removed from the water.

A police division which investigates serious accidents in Amsterdam was still questioning witnesses to put together a clearer picture of what happened Saturday night. As of Monday, it was not yet known how the car ended up in the water, police said. Authorities asked that witnesses come forward and contact them directly.